American English Schools are designed to be
fun and safe for children while providing them with a
top-quality English education.

All of our teachers are native speakers of English.
They are carefully selected and thoroughly trained.

Our secretarial and management staff is knowledgeable
in every aspect of English language learning.

We believe in keeping class sizes small
in order to provide students
with a high level of personal attention.

Our exclusive ESL program, called "Honeybee",
is the most complete program available anywhere.
It was designed to make learning easy for children.

American English Schools offer the Calvert accredited program.
This prestigious K-8 program is for parents who want a
complete western-style education for their children
taught entirely in English.

Our schools are designed to be safe.
Even the desks are custom-made and will not tip over.

We use the "Honor Card" system.
Students earn honor cards for achievement
and can use them to purchase toys from the Toy Box.

We have fantastic annual events,
including a haunted house at Halloween,
gift bags from Santa at Christmas,
and The Great American Easter-Egg Hunt in the spring.

Come in today for a placement test
and get your child enrolled in
the best English school in Taiwan!

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